Sustainability and society care will be new challenges that non profit and profit organizations will face as new economical paradigm change


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What future do you like?

The cow and the squirrel:  what is your strategy for survival in the future?

When the winter comes in the squirrel has already stored 3000 nuts in different tree holes that provide the food storage to overcome the harshest season of the year. The nuts have been collected in past months and will be shared with the other members of the community if someone is in need. The squirrel is small but has adapted to live in all sorts of environments including European capitals. It’s agile, collaborative and last but not least independent.

On the other hand, the cow needs to take shelter in the stable during winter. It would not survive without the famer taking care it for all needs.  Its life is quite and relaxed. It just needs to feed, reproduce, and produce milk. But it consumes a lot of resources and life ends always in the abattoir. Its life depends entirely on others for maintenance and aims. Cows live all together but don’t collaborate. The farmer is in charge.

The future we would like to paint, with you all, is the squirrel one: fast, agile and smart, using all new technologies, like social network and media, as foundation tools to leverage the knowledge, make networks and bridge them together, complementing the picture with idea sharing, competences and services.


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Siete i benvenuti!

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